Top Online MMORPG Games - MMO Games Strategy MMO Games - Single and multiplayer gameplay, PVP and PVE Arenas, Competition Battlegrounds, a Guild Support System, etc. Omega Zodiac offers so many challenges for you! Each character has nine awesome Combo skills to fight against different types of enemies. These nine Combos are automatically cast whenever the player wants. With all these features combined with our unique skill development system, the players will feel like real mythological warriors. Omega Zodiac has a special Sacred Set System with magnificent graphics that combine 2D and 3D. There are 15 Constellations in the game. Each Constellation has its own Sacred Set, while each Sacred Set has a corresponding Star Map. Players can unlock Star Maps to collect Sacred Set Components. There are many ways to enchant equipment and update skills. Players can improve their battle rating and become more powerful by evolving Mount, Wings and Talisman, Goddess, Magic Circle, Elf and War Shield.